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laser dentistry

The future of children's dentistry is here!

Our office is now equipped with a medical-grade hard and soft tissue laser that gives us the ability to treat cavities with no shot, no drill, and no pain.

What's different - Our medical-grade laser is the first carbon dioxide laser system to be cleared by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue dental procedures. Unlike traditional dental lasers that are primarily designed for gums and other soft tissue, this revolutionary technology was developed in Boston, Massachusetts by Convergent Dental and is designed to be used directly on hard tissue - teeth.

How it works - The laser operates at a unique wavelength that gives our dentists the ability to vaporize - literally - dental decay without any impact on healthy tooth enamel. Additionally, the laser has a numbing effect on the nerve by temporarily shutting down the pain receptors, eliminating the need for any additional anesthesia.

What this means for you - Your child is now able to receive treatment with no shot, no numbness, no drill, and no pain. Because there's no need to wait for anesthesia to take effect, most appointments can be completed in a fraction of the time and multi-quadrant treatments can be performed in a single visit. More importantly, the numbing sensation lasts only a few minutes so by the time you leave the office, the effect is gone and your child can return to their regular activities.

Call us today to see if your child is a candidate for this revolutionary treatment.