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state-of-the-art features

Laser Dentistry - Our Mill Vally office fetures a revolutionary Hard- and Soft-Tissue laser that gives us the ability to treat cavities with no numbing, no drill, and no pain. Visit the Laser page for more details.

Digital X-Rays – Digital X-Rays have the advantage of providing images with a minimum of radiation exposure. Reusable phosphor plates capture the X-ray image and are then converted into a digital image that can be viewed, manipulated, magnified, and stored electronically. Digital x-rays reduce waste by eliminating film and processing chemicals.

Digital Panography – Our digital panograph machine provides a comprehensive diagnostic image in a single pass. The sensitivity of our modern X-Ray equipment uses a minimum of radiation and yields important diagnostic information to check for pathology, infection, tooth abnormalities and malpositions.

Digital X-Ray

Paperless Dental Records – We’ve implemented a sophisticated electronic dental records system that allows our doctors to review dental charts and X-Rays through a monitor located at each dental chair.

Dry Vacuum System – Our dry vacuum system reduces water consumption and minimizes waste.

Distilled Water System – To ensure a ready supply of distilled water, we’ve installed an onsite water distillation system. Distilled water is used at each dental unit and to run our sterilization autoclaves.

Closed Water System – Chairside water is supplied using refillable bottles rather than plumbed from the existing city water system. This allows us to continually ensure the quality of the water supply and to completely drain each system independently to facilitate regular cleaning.

Amalgam Separator – While we don’t routinely place amalgam fillings, we occasionally have a need to remove them. An amalgam separator will ensure that amalgams, which contain trace amounts of mercury, will not find their way into the environment.

Hand Sanitizers – To minimize water consumption and still ensure bactericidal cleaning, we’ve installed medical grade hand sanitizers for regular use by doctors and staff.

Vacuum Line Cleaner – Each dental delivery system is equipped with an automated vacuum line cleaner to ensure that vacuum lines are thoroughly purged and cleaned.

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