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our office is going GREEN!

Eco Dentistry MemberECO Dentistry – Gila C. Dorostkar Pediatric Dentistry is an active member of the Eco Dentistry Association and is pursuing a Charter Certification for environmentally friendly dentistry. In addition to many of the environmental issues addressed under LEED Certification, the Eco Dentistry Association looks at dental processes and materials, office administration and marketing policies, and patient care. We incorporated numerous environmental considerations into the design of our office.

  • We shred and recycle all of our office papers.
  • Our checkup reminder cards are all printed on recycled paper.
  • Our office machine cartridges/toners are all recycled.
  • We are converting all batteries in the office to rechargeable ones.  All used batteries are turned in for recycling.
  • We use a germicidal handwash which does not require paper towels.
  • We regularly contact junk mail senders and request they remove us from their database.
  • Our general office cleaning products are all natural and non-toxic.
  • The goody bags we give away are plain paper bags which can be reused or recycled.
  • We have discontinued the delivery of bottled drinking water and are instead using a faucet water filter.
  • We make a conscious effort to open windows for fresh air rather than continuously running the air conditioner.
  • Our bathroom air freshener is all-natural.
  • We continue to research recyclable toothbrushes and also plan to initate a recycling program in our office.  In the meantime, for those patients seeking information about alternative toothbrushes, click here.